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The doubleA foundation develops innovative music theatre in the form of international co-productions which stretch the art form’s boundaries.

Currently we are producing four projects: the virtual reality installation Eight, and the film opera Upload. We are also developing a big new music theatre work and a visual art project.

EIGHT, a virtual reality installation scheduled for season 2019/20.

Eight is a virtual reality project by the composer and director Michel van der Aa in collaboration with singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke; it is a unique, groundbreaking fusion of musical theatre, Virtual Reality (VR) and visual art. It tells a woman’ life story in reverse chronology: visitors meet a woman of about 70-years-old, then the 35-year- old version of her and finally an eight-year-old girl. Visitors literally and figuratively follow the woman in a mixed reality world, interacting with the woman and the installation itself.

The Eight project consists of two components: a mixed reality installation, and an album. Visitors progress through the installation in a 12-minute time slot with VR glasses and headphones, accompanied by the virtual protagonist. Visitors are completely wireless, enabling them to move freely, and the installation adapts to visitors’ tempo and timing as its framework functions as a game engine. The installation’s shape and material are part of the total experience. The sculpture’s shapes are shown in VR, so that the experience’s digital boundaries match the installation’s physical boundaries. When a visitor touches a wall in the VR environment, he feels the installation’s
actual wall. There are markings which unlock new elements of the story, depending on a visitor’s position. The walls contain markings which appear when visitors walk past them, and the surface of the installation functions as a conductor for the music. Visitors activate them by touching the walls, which influences the images, music and vocals.
The composer and director Michel van der Aa will collaborate with singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke, designer Theun Mosk, the Nederlands Kamerkoor, and mixed reality developers The Virtual Dutch Men to produce Eight.

Eight - render design
Eight – design sketch