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Environmental Policy

doubleA acknowledges the climate emergency and recognises it as the most urgent issue of our time. Just as artistic director Michel van der Aa is deeply committed to the climate crisis and sustainability, both as an individual and as a creator, doubleA is equally committed to continually work to increase our positive impact and reduce our negative impact. It’s a step-by-step process for us, with many learning moments. We do that, among other things, by:

Touring with a conscience: Despite the global nature of our work, we actively seek methods to minimize the environmental impact of our international tours. These methods include:

  • Prioritizing the hiring of local crews, musicians, and working extensively with local technicians, suppliers, and collaborators.
  • Traveling with only the essential core team members.
  • Promoting sustainable transportation: encouraging the use of public transportation and incentivizing carpooling among staff and artists.

Direct impact: Elements of our work, such as The Book of Water and From Dust, actively contribute to climate awareness. These works are crafted to raise or address climate issues in their content.

Innovative presentation: We are pioneering new presentation methods that leave a smaller environmental imprint, such as interactive digital projects online and VR installations via platforms like the Steam and Quest stores.

We acknowledge the environmental footprint of data storage, AI, and digital technology. We prioritize sustainable cloud providers and consistently assess and declutter our remote data storage. Digital equipment is repurposed across our productions. Moreover, we critically approach emerging technologies, such as AI, integrating ethical evaluations and inquiries into our projects, as exemplified by works like Upload and Eight.

Green infrastructure: Our studio and rehearsal space exclusively use electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Virtual communication: We’ve greatly reduced in-person meetings, opting primarily for virtual meetings via platforms like Zoom.

Recycling & waste reduction: Our productions frequently repurpose set materials and equipment to minimize waste. We prioritize the reduction of disposable materials and emphasize recycling to diminish our carbon footprint.